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We formed fun-filled classes and workshops that will surely help you learn how to make beautiful and functional crafts.

Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Braided Terry Towel Rug Braiding Workshop

 November 7th,  10:00AM – 2:00PM or 4:00PM – 8:00PM

Made from large bath sheets. Please bring scissors and for the first run buy the “cheap towels called bath sheets (they are longer than bath towels). Please cut off the ends with the decorative design, This will reduce cutting time.


Basket Weaving coming soon.

Pottery Classes and Workshops

Learn a beautiful craft. Just like any other crafts, pottery, weaving, knitting, and painting are best learned with hands-on experience. We are here to share the profound satisfaction of turning raw materials like a lump of raw clay, yarns or threads into something beautiful and functional.

Classes Include:

  • Slip Casting
  • Hand Building
  • Clay
  • Glazing



  • For Kids
  • For Adults

I can teach children in a one on one class the two basic stitches, knit and purl.  All supplies included but please note I sell yarns but I do not sell knitting needles.

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For Kids

We provide my favorite of all paints, BioColor, and colorations liquid watercolor for kids to experiment with a variety of brushes, rollers , stamps and more to bring out their inner creativity and artistry.

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Learn the different types of looms and the easy way to use a handheld loom. Please note that you will take home the coaster and not the loom or extra yarns, those are sold at my Studio separately.  It takes three to four hours.

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  • There are lots of choices of what children can do with clay.  We can roll out the clay and, using a large variety of cookie cutters, make ornaments.  There is jewelry also, beads and medallions.  And then hand building, animals or small dishes for coin change or trinkets.  The possibilities are very open. 

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Slip casting is done with a liquid form of clay called slip.  It is poured into molds.  I have many molds for plant pots , birds, dinner ware, coffee cups.  I think the most popular among the children is a small turtle.  It is a two part class where the students come back a week or so later to glaze their pottery. 

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One teacher, four or less students.  Child or adult will make one colorful 100% cotton potholder using the Harrisville pro loom and loops.  This class is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Child will take home the potholder only.  Looms and loops can be purchased separately.

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More Classes


  • We have quite a line up of sewing classes.  Taught by different professionals.

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Learn how to use the Rigid Heddle and how to choose the right yarns to produce beautiful and intricate designs.

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  • Adults can weave on a rigid heddle loom that will be warped for you.  The weaving will be cut off to go home with you.  You can choose a small place mat or two mug rugs (coasters). 

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Tie Dye

Children or adults can bring 1 shirt and pair of socks or a scarf and have fun dying them here. Rubber bands and 2-3 colors included. The dyes sit for 24 hours to cure. You can take the newly dyed items with you in a ziplock to rinse out at home or come back the next day to rinse them out here too. $5.00 charge for each color three.

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Classes We’ve Had

Map Magnet Making Workshop

ReNewal Creations is delighted to offer a Map Magnet Making Workshop at Weaving Supply and Studio. Participants will be introduced to a variety of creative techniques while working with resin. Learn a simple method of reusing maps to make resin magnets. No experience necessary.

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Simple Fern Leaf

By Janelle  Bargerstock
From Bella Vita By Janelle

Join us for a fun workshop making this ‘Simple Fern Leaf Embroidery’ taught by Etsy Shop owner, Janelle Bargerstock. We will be walking through each step of this project and learning beginner tips and techniques for hand embroidery.


The Instructors

Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns was trained by her mother at an early age. Her mom was an amazing artist and taught her knitting, sewing and ceramics. Needless to say, artistry and craftsmanship is in her DNA. Most importantly, she inherited the love for creativity and teaching. She is excited to impart this love for creativity and teaching through her studio.


Kayla spent three years at Lakewood high school in all mediums of art classes. After graduation she continued her journey at Tri-c as an art major, furthering her skills. She plans on attending a four year University in the fall of 2021 to continue her bachelors in art education, to be an elementary school art teacher. Kayla is well diverse in drawing , ceramics and painting and love what she's doing.


Knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting instructor

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