About Us

We are all about sharing our passion for creativity and arts. We provide classes in our arts and crafts studio that will inspire you to express your creativity while relaxing and enjoying every moment.

Combining Art & Education 

Art programs like painting, pottery, and weaving encourage students to be creative and use their imagination as much as possible. This creative process helps students, children and adults alike, to use their imagination in coming up with different ways to solve many problems. It also helps improve a person’s focus.  

Art activities can also help students in improving their self-esteem and social skills. Inside our studio, students can work as a team and develop their understanding of different points of views. All these things can be  applied in academic settings and the professional world.

My Story

My mother was an amazing artist. She was great at sewing, upholstery, tie dyeknitting, leaded glass, counted cross stitch. She always encouraged us to be creative. Our mom provided supplies for us kids to try all kinds of art. She taught us pottery together, myself and my kids. We had such a great time.

I enjoy many kinds of art, especially weaving, knitting and pottery. When I started teaching preschool, art time was one of the best parts of the day. The kids enjoyed it so much!  Having that in mind, I opened the studio. This is where I can share my craft and see the genuine happiness in my students’ face.

Our Mission

Providing a fun, safe space for an outlet of creativity for children and adults, using the best art supplies available.  Forming friendships and learning new venues for creating.  A great place to get away from it all.